About Us

Botanicalz is a modern online shop for high-quality herbal supplements and traditional medicines. All our formulations have been carefully crafted to provide the best results. We supply top-of-the-line products that use only the best ingredients. Our products are lab tested to make sure they contain no adulterants or contaminants.

What our customers say…

“BotanicalZ always meets and exceeds my standards. Their customer service is friendly and efficient, and I always get my packages quickly. I wouldn’t buy ethnobotanicals anywhere else!”

-Zachariah Ben Yitzhak

“I am absolutely blown away by all the herbs on this website. There’s tons of really important botanicals that have really helped me that I never would’ve known about if it wasn’t for BotanicalZ.”

-Gef Fishman

“Every time I get a package from BotanicalZ it’s so exciting that it feels like my birthday. They have so many incredible herbs to explore.”

-Jack Peterman