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Inspired by nature.

Botanicalz is the ultimate place to find high-quality, exotic, ancient, rare, and highly potent herbs and ethnobotanicals from around the globe. We have 50+ different ethnobotanicals available at this time, and our selection is constantly expanding as we scour the world for new herbs. 

50+ Powerful & Ancient Herbs

We are passionate about finding all of the beneficial ethnobotanicals in the world, and we use the maximum possible quality standards when manufacturing our herbal extract tablets, capsules, & tinctures. 

What our customers say…

“BotanicalZ always meets and exceeds my standards. Their customer service is friendly and efficient, and I always get my packages quickly. I wouldn’t buy ethnobotanicals anywhere else!”

-Zachariah Ben Yitzhak

“I am absolutely blown away by all the herbs on this website. There’s tons of really important botanicals that have really helped me that I never would’ve known about if it wasn’t for BotanicalZ.”

-Gef Fishman

“Every time I get a package from BotanicalZ it’s so exciting that it feels like my birthday. They have so many incredible herbs to explore.”

-Jack Peterman